I'm Satish Surath.


A portable development level Indy Node network.
Contribution / Pull Request


A lightweight DIY alternative to services like Linktree and many.link.
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How to integrate third party authentication in a flask app
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A platform that allows for tokenizing your digital life into an NFT.
Proof of value - allows tweet authors to mint their tweet into an NFT

Universe of Investments

Python Flask based Web platform that generates trading signals (Buy / Sell) based on technical indicators such as the parabolic stop and reverse (PSAR) indicator visualized using Plotly

Millennial Investing

Python Flask based Web platform targeting Millennials to teach about investing in US Equity and visualize investment return using Monte-Carlo Simulations


A startup was set to eliminate the revenue loss resulting from unlicensed software with Blockchain enabled license management.

Advanced Parallel Port Scheduling Interface

Program to manage the status of the 8 output pins in the parallel port and schedule it for the next 364 days from current date.
Visual Basic 6

simplified bluetooth - parallel port interface

A stripped, simplified, elegant yet powerful way to acess a host's parallel port (by sending commands via txt files) via a bluetooth device wirelessly.
Visual Basic 6

remote bluetooth shell execution

Applications give you the ability to a particular command on the hosts's computer from your cell phone.
Visual Basic 6